How to Find Clarity in Action

by Heather Lederman on November 22, 2016

I am going to be short today, because I think one of my mentors David Wood really does a great job in this video explaining how to get clarity and get unstuck by taking a few distinct actions. Watch here: Click the photo now or grab this link   If you found this helpful let […]


What is the First Step to Success?

by Heather Lederman on November 10, 2016

So what truly is the first step?  Well of course I always thought it was to know your reason for doing something and then start setting goals.  But, I am currently reading and reviewing the book The Secret Code of Success, by Noah St. John.  I have decided to review it and practice it as […]


What Should I Do Today?

by Heather Lederman on November 3, 2016

What should I do today?  The answer I believe is related to what is important to you.  So what is important to you? But what if many things are important to you and so you can’t decide what to do? And you end up doing the urgent things that are screaming at you like your […]


What the Heck is Content Marketing?

by Heather Lederman on October 13, 2016

If you haven’t heard it already, content marketing is one of the most proven, consistent ways to grow your business. It is the most genuine way to create an understanding of who you are, that you are likable, and trustworthy to your potential and existing clients! Just about every business owner, guru, and successful person is […]


End Limiting Beliefs Today! {Mindset Tip}

by Heather Lederman on September 21, 2016

Do you ever see yourself repeating a cycle over and over again that leaves you feeling tired and discouraged? If you are like me then, you do something like scrape up a bunch of energy and will-power to clean and organize your space.   You get everything in order after committing a whole bunch of […]


How to Focus on Your Vision {1 Weird Fun Tip}

by Heather Lederman on May 24, 2016

About 8 years ago I attended a Forum for personal growth and development. This was my first look into having a vision for yourself and expecting it to be so. I was so blown away by this concept, that one could cast a vision for what was in their heart and make it happen, that of course […]


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